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Podcasts & Video Identities


While working at Packed.House, the platforms we worked with would often create new content in the form of podcasts and video series, both short-form and long-form. Identities and title sequences were created for each show in order to catch the user's attention, and drive traffic to the platforms.


I created a variety of identities and title sequences for each of the shows, primarily for beaut. and While a number of these shows existed editorially, a number of them were pitched to brands, and therefore a strong identity was not just essential for viewers and listeners, but also in order to create a consistent and clear voice for brands to attach themselves to.

The Delve.gif

An podcast that delves into the lives and careers of some of the most notable people in Irish and global popular culture.

Game Face.gif

An podcast that discusses video game news, gaming culture, and new releases.

Up Beors!.gif

A beaut. podcast that offers a fresh, alternative voice for Irish females and starts boundary-pushing conversations about Irish culture.

Flick Fire.gif

An short-form video series that provided quick reviews and insights into movies currently in theatres and streaming platforms.

The Telly Show.gif

An long-form video series interviewing key figures from the past and present of Irish TV, as well as discussing current TV and streaming news.

Midday Minute.gif

An short-form video series that announced daily pop culture and entertainment news.

Women To Watch.gif

A beaut. video series that featured interviews with key, and up-and-coming women in Irish business and media.

The Thrones Show.gif

An video series that discussed each episode of the final season of Game of Thrones immediately after they aired.

The Filum Show.gif

An podcast discussing film news and pop culture.


A beaut. short-form video series comparing brand-name beauty products with affordable alternatives.

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