Family Friendly HQ


Family Friendly HQ (abbreviated to FFHQ) is Ireland’s trusted parenting community, dedicated to families of all shapes and sizes. Their goal is to help our community to navigate parenthood in modern Ireland. FFHQ originated as a blog run by one person, and over the years developed into a full website with a thriving community. Despite this, their visual identity remained unchanged from those humble beginnings years previously. While working with Packed.House, I was tasked with designing a new logo, and re-imagining their website and social media presence.


The result is an identity that highlights two of FFHQ's key aspects: trustworthiness and reassurance. The project includes a new logo, a complete reimagining of their website, as well as a refreshed social media presence.


Two logo variations were designed to be used across various media and platforms. 

Updated website.

Website illustrations for different hubs.