entertainment.ie is one of the oldest and most trusted Irish websites for news and information regarding movies, TV and pop culture. Originated in 1997, the website has quite a legacy, yet the identity was dated and wasn't appealing to their target demographic. While working with Packed.House, I was tasked with re-designing the logo, as well as updating the website, and creating a promotional campaign that celebrated the website's 21st birthday.


The result is a sleeker, while still-playful logo that retains the site's energy without appearing child-like. The rebrand features a promotional video, which was rolled out in cinemas across Ireland, as well as a website-update.

Promotional cinema ad for the rebrand. It highlights entertainment.ie's variety of areas of expertise, and cements its position in the history Irish pop culture.

Illustrated assets from the video (including a film camera illustration that wasn't used).

Updated website.

The rebrand was integrated into entertainment.ie's social media, such as this Instagram story promoting their coverage of the 2019 Oscars.