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Living away from home should be great! But nobody likes living with housemates who don’t do their part of the housework. Divvy is an app that divides and shares housework equally among housemates, preventing arguments and creating complete clarity in shared homes regarding the division of chores and housework.


The outcomes of this project include a working app prototype, two motion walkthroughs, as well as as three short adverts. The app is aimed at young adults living in shared accomadation, rather than families or older adults. As a result, the app is designed to be simple, fun and intuitive to use. Similarly, in order to tackle young adults’ short attention spans, the adverts are intended to be short, punchy and witty.

Further promotional videos

Startup screen

Main menu screen

List of chores

Account setup

Housemate leaderboard

Invite housemates

Individual chores

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