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Die Zauberflöte 
(The Magic Flute)


To design a poster, brochure and other ephemera for the Royal Irish Academy of Music's production of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's final opera, Die Zauberflöte. The opera is a tale of young love, and the courage needed to overcome the many adversaries one may face in persuit of it.


Two posters were designed for this project. Both posters focused on similar themes, yet took vastly different approaches, resulting in varied outcomes. Both visual languages focused on the budding sexuality of the characters within the opera,
as well as the phallic symbolism of the magic flute itself.

Die Zauberflöte poster 1

Die Zauberflöte brochure & flyer 1

Die Zauberflöte poster 2

Die Zauberflöte brochure & flyer 2

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