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Later YouTube


Starting in 2021, Later started creating a greater emphasis on their YouTube content, and over the next year the quality and consistency of their videos skyrocketed. However, the visual design of the videos hadn't changed much by summer of 2022. So, I set out to revamp Later's YouTube channel and bring the design and motion graphics up to par with the content itself.


I created an entirely new visual language that utilised hand-drawn elements, bold colours and textured backgrounds. This art direction helped Later's YouTube channel grow from just over 30K subscribers to 50K subscribers in about a year! As well as create the visual identity for these videos, I was also one of the main Later YouTube video hosts. By the end of 2023 I had featured in over 40 videos, with a total of over 4 million views!

YouTube motion graphics — title card, endplate, on-screen arrows & scribbles

YT Banner Mockup.png

Later YouTube banner

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