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New Friend


To create visual assets to support my musical outlet, New Friend's debut EP — ‘Wherever I Am I Can Point Towards Home’. This ranges from artwork, to music videos, promotional materials and merchandise.


‘Wherever I Am I Can Point Towards Home’ was written during a period of a few years when, due to the pandemic, I was unable to travel home from Vancouver to Ireland to spend time with my friends and families. As a result, the EP tackles themes of homesickness and feeling smothered by your surroundings. However, the songs remain hopeful and the lyrics find beauty and humour in the mundane.

Bandcamp Mascot.png

New Friend mascot

Wherever I Am_Bandcamp.png

Artwork for ‘Wherever I Am I Can Point Towards Home’

New Friend Tshirt 2.png

T-shirt design


Artwork for the first two singles from the EP — ‘Cement’ and ‘Dumbfuck’

Lyric video for Cement, starring my cat Lubi during her recovery from surgery. The video at the top of the page is the music video for Dumbfuck, filmed on a trip to Los Angeles.

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