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City of the Dead


This was my submission for the International Typographic Awards 2016. This book tackles the brief ‘The Undiscovered Country’, in which the goal is to create a publication that can “stare death in the face”. This brief title is incredibly broad, allowing for an abundance of potential avenues to explore within its confines.


This book originated by studying the concept of death as a business, specifically the roles of those who work and manage cemeteries. Through this research the author discovered a poem by the American poet L. H. Sigourney, titled ‘Greenwood Cemetery’. The first line of this poem reads, “City of Marble! whose lone structures rise!”. This line initiated the idea that there are parallels that exist between cities and cemeteries. As a result of research into these parallels, it became clear that the managing and planning of cemeteries bears many similarities to the managing and planning of cities, especially in regards to mapping and the pricing of land. The author decided to use this information to create a publication that highlights these parallels, therefore showcasing the importance of cemeteries within cities and other urban spaces.

Book cover & jacket

Each chapter begins with a photo of Dublin's most notable graves.

Double page spread comparing the tallest cemeteries with Dublin's tallest buildings.

A list of Dublin's cemeteries.

In situ at the Future Proofed 2016 graduate exhibition.

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