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beaut. (formerly known as is one of Ireland's longest-running resources for beauty tips and news. Despite the website's status and popularity, the website and identity were dated and not aligning with the brand's ethos. While working with Packed.House, I was tasked with re-designing the logo, as well as updating the website. Along with this, I was tasked with updating the identities for the many popular events that beaut. hosted throughout the year.


The logo and rebrand allows beaut. to reconnect with its target audience, as well as place itself alongside other beauty and wellness brands. The "ie" from the previous name was cut, allowing the brand to encompass a number of different media, both on and offline.

Video announcing the rebrand, new logo and new shows.


Logo set for The beaut. Awards, a yearly award ceremony for the Irish beauty industry.


Updated website.

Beauty of Confidence.gif

The rebrand was integrated into other events run by beaut., such as this Beauty of Confidence conference.

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