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Banyah ‘Stuck Under’


Banyah (@banyahmoosic) came to me to create a lyric video for their second single ‘Stuck Under’. Their brief was simple: drawings of the duo wearing white T-shirts, have fun with it.


The artwork for this release, along with their previous single, was designed by Irish designer James O'Neill. I took inspiration from this artwork, using the ticker-tape style of text as a starting point, along with the colours and the duo’s milk carton logo (Banyah is a play on ‘bainne’, the irish word for milk).

Banyah_Milk Title.gif
Banyah_Aisling 1.gif
Banyah_Paul 1.gif
Banyah_AIsling 2.gif
Banyah_Paul 2.gif
Banyah_Aisling 4.gif
Banyah_Paul 4.gif
Banyah_Aisling 3.gif
Banyah_Paul 3.gif
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